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Eagle Wings Newsletter 2024-01

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Eagle Wings Newsletter

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A great month
Friday Upcoming Eagle Wings Podcast
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January  2024

A great month

EWCMI Website

"As we reflect upon the months of November and December, it's heartening to acknowledge the significant progress we've made in addressing the accumulated tasks of the past year. These months have not only been a time of catching up but also of growth and learning. A noteworthy highlight has been the journey of one of our granddaughters, who is currently navigating the intricate world of Information Technology. Her journey encompasses a broad spectrum, from grasping the nuances of IT Management and DevOps to delving into the intricacies of Development. Her involvement with EWCMI, as she volunteers and contributes her burgeoning skills, has been immensely beneficial to our ministry. This experience offers her a unique opportunity to understand the diverse aspects of the IT domain, while her contributions greatly support our mission. We are inspired by her dedication and enthusiasm, which mirrors the spirit of learning and service that we cherish at EWCMI."

Ruach Ha'Kodesh Publishing

We are excited to share a glimpse into our upcoming literary offering, a book titled 'Being a Fruit-Hanger.' This new publication promises to delve into profound spiritual insights and offer enriching perspectives to our readers. In the meantime, we are delighted to remind you of our available works. 'Power in His Wings' continues to be well-received and is accessible in English and Dutch, offering versatility in format with Hard-Cover, Paperback, and Kindle editions. Similarly, our second publication, 'Blood on the Door,' mirrors this availability, ensuring that these spiritually enriching texts can be experienced in the format most convenient for you. To stay abreast of these and future publications, we encourage you to visit the Author Page of Pastor Chris on Amazon. Here, you can find detailed information on each book, along with options to purchase. We are grateful for your continued support and interest in these works that aim to deepen our understanding and connection to our faith.

Eagle Wings Online Radio

We are pleased to announce some significant enhancements to our ministry's offerings. On our website, we've expanded our content to include more insightful messages, catering to the diverse spiritual needs and interests of our audience. In parallel, our radio station has transitioned back to its regular programming schedule. A notable addition is the introduction of the 'Eagle Wings Podcast.' This exciting new series debuts every Friday evening at 6 PM Central Time, marking the start of the Sabbath. Through this podcast, we aim to offer our listeners a time of reflection, inspiration, and deeper understanding of the scriptures as we welcome the Sabbath together. We invite you to explore these new resources and join us in our journey of faith and discovery.

Friday Upcoming Eagle Wings Podcast

Join us every Friday for our weekly podcast, a time of spiritual enrichment and insightful discourse. Each episode premieres at 6 PM Central Time, offering a fresh perspective to end your week and welcome the Sabbath. For added convenience, our podcast is also accessible through your favorite podcast platform, ensuring that you can tune in from anywhere, at any time. We encourage you to make this podcast a part of your weekly routine, as we explore various themes that resonate with our faith and daily living. Stay connected, stay inspired, and let’s journey together in faith with each new episode of our podcast.

10 Ministering to the Lord
11 Can Satan Read Our Minds
13 Talents and Counting

Living Water, Take a Sip

Podcast Highlights

Jan 12, 2024 - Ministering to the Lord

When we are ultimately called to be with Jesus, the Lord increases our greatness and surrounds us with His comfort. It is indeed a blessing to be in the house of the Lord, ministering to Him whom we love so dearly, and also being ministered to by Him. How great and glorious is His Holy Name.

Jan 19, 2024 - Can Satan Read Our Minds

Satan may not know exactly what we will say or do, but he is skilled at manipulating situations and anticipating outcomes based on our previous behavior. However, God has provided us with an ultimate outcome: death and resurrection. Ultimately, some will join Jesus in heaven, and others will join Satan in hell. The question then becomes, where will you go?

Jan 26, 2024 - Talents and Counting

THEN, we know from God's word what the Words of Jesus will be. Matthew 25:23 (New International Version) “His master replied, ‘Well done, good and faithful servant! You have been faithful with a few things; I will put you in charge of many things. Come and share your master’s happiness!’.

Feb 02, 2024 - Living Water, Take a Sip

The Living Water that urges to re-listen to that message, that urges to discuss, that urges to share, that urges to declare it to the nations, to the states, to the counties, to the cities, to the family and friends, “Yeshua, lives in me, and I will NEVER again be thirsty because He gives me the living water”.

Eagle Wings Online Radio

The November and December timeframe once again marked a period of remarkable success for us, evidenced by the year-over-year increase in our listener base. During these festive weeks, our programming featured an eclectic mix of Contemporary and Christian music, a blend not typically found on mainstream radio stations. Significantly, 75% of our weekend playlist was dedicated to Christian music, aligning with our mission to provide spiritually enriching content. We are profoundly grateful and offer our praises to the Lord for the opportunity to expose so many individuals to the true essence of Christmas through our music selection. This achievement not only reflects our commitment to spreading the Gospel but also underscores the growing interest in and acceptance of our unique musical offerings.

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