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Parashah 41 - Pinchas (Phinehas)

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Weekly Parashah

Torah: Num. 25:10–30:1 Haftara: Jer. 1:1–2:3  Brith Chadashah: Mk. 11:27–12:37
Rom. 11:2-32

Pinchas (Phineas)


 Num. 25:10–30:1




10 Then Adonai spoke to Moses saying, 11 “Phinehas son of Eleazar son of Aaron the kohen has turned away My anger from Bnei-Yisrael because he was very zealous for Me among them, so that I did not put an end to Bnei-Yisrael in My zeal. 12 So now say: See, I am making with him a covenant of shalom13 It will be for him and his descendants after him a covenant of an everlasting priesthood—because he was zealous for his God and atoned for Bnei-Yisrael.”

14 The name of the Israelite man killed with the Midianite woman was Zimri son of Salu, a prince of a Simeonite ancestral household. 15 The name of the executed Midianite woman was Cozbi, daughter of Zur—he was a tribal head of an ancestral house in Midian.

16 Adonai spoke to Moses saying, 17 “Deal with the Midianites as enemies and strike them. 18 For they have been enemies to you in their deceptions of you in the matter of Peor and in the matter of Cozbi, the daughter of a Midianite prince, their sister who was slain on the day of the plague on account of the Peor incident.”

Numbering the Second Generation

26 After the plague, Adonai said to Moses and Eleazar son of Aaron the kohensaying, “Take a headcount of the entire community of Bnei-Yisrael, sons twenty years old and upward, by their ancestral houses, all who can serve in Israel’s army.”

So Moses and Eleazar the kohen spoke with them on the Moabite plains by the Jordan across from Jericho saying, “Just as Adonai commanded Moses, a census will be taken of all men of Bnei-Yisrael who came out of Egypt, from 20 years old and upward.”


 Jer. 1:1–2:3


The Call of Jeremiah

1 The words of Jeremiah son of Hilkiah, one of the kohanim who were in Anathoth in the land of Benjamin. The word of Adonai came to him during the days of King Josiah of Judah, son of Amon, in the thirteenth year of his reign. It continued during the days of King Jehoiakim of Judah, son of Josiah, until the end of the eleventh year of King Zedekiah of Judah, son of Josiah—until the exile from Jerusalem in the fifth month.

The word of Adonai came to me, saying:

“Before I formed you in the womb, I knew you,
    and before you were born, I set you apart—
    I appointed you prophet to the nations.”
Then I said, “Alas, Adonai Elohim!
    Look, I don’t know how to speak!
    For I’m still a boy!”
But Adonai answered me,
    “Do not say ‘I’m only a boy!’
    For to everyone I send you, you will go,
    and all I command you, you will speak.
Do not be afraid of them!
    For I am with you to deliver you.”
It is a declaration of Adonai.

Then Adonai stretched out His hand and touched my mouth and Adonai said to me,

“Behold, I have put My words in your mouth.





 Mk. 11:27–12:37
Rom. 11:2-32

Brit Chadashah


A Question for a Question

27 Again they come to Jerusalem. While Yeshua was walking in the Temple, the ruling kohanim, Torah scholars, and elders come up to Him. 28 And they start saying to Him, “By what authority are You doing these things? Who gave You this authority to do these things?”

29 Yeshua said to them, “I will put one question to you. Answer Me, and I will tell you by what authority I do these things. 30 The immersion of John—was it from heaven or from men? Answer Me!”

31 They began to dialogue among themselves, saying, “If we say, ‘From heaven,’ He will say, ‘Then why didn’t you believe him?’ 32 But if we say, ‘From men’. . .?” They were afraid of the crowd, for all held that John really was a prophet. 33 So answering Yeshua, they say, “We don’t know.”

And Yeshua tells them, “Neither will I tell you by what authority I do these things.”


Romans 11 : 2 - 32

God has not rejected His people whom He knew beforehand.[a] Or do you not know what the Scripture says about Elijah, how he pleads with God against Israel? Adonai, they have killed your prophets, they have destroyed your altars; I alone am left, and they are seeking my life.” [bBut what is the divine response to him? “I have kept for Myself seven thousand men who have not bowed the knee to Baal.”[cSo in the same way also at this present time there has come to be a remnant[d]according to God’s gracious choice. But if it is by grace, it is no longer by works; otherwise grace would no longer be grace.

What then? What Israel is seeking, it has not obtained; but the elect obtained it, and the rest were hardened— just as it is written,

“God gave them a spirit of stupor,
    eyes not to see and ears not to hear,
        until this very day.”[e]

And David says,

“Let their table become a snare and a trap,
    a stumbling block and a retribution for them.
10 Let their eyes be darkened so they do not see,
    and bend their back continually.”[f]

11 I say then, they did not stumble so as to fall, did they?[g] May it never be! But by their false step salvation has come to the Gentiles, to provoke Israel to jealousy. [h]

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Ruach Ha'Kodesh Publishing, a ministry of Eagle Wings Charismatic Ministries International, is dedicated to publishing books that delve into the roots of the Christian faith, nurture life in and with the Holy Spirit, and promote conservative Christian lifestyles. Through their publications, they aim to inspire and equip believers to deepen their understanding of biblical truths, embrace the transformative power of the Holy Spirit, and live out their faith with conviction and integrity. With their commitment to excellence and collaboration, Ruach Ha'Kodesh Publishing continues to contribute to the spiritual growth and empowerment of the global Christian community.

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