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02 The Charismatic Movement

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The Charismatic Movement: A Historical Overview

The emergence of Pentecostalism in the early twentieth century marked a significant shift in Christian spirituality. Characterized by the profound and dramatic experience known as the baptism with the Holy Spirit, this movement underscored empowerment for a devoted Christian life and ministry. Speaking in other tongues served as evidence of having received this divine encounter.
Before 1955, Pentecostal distinctives were largely marginalized by mainstream religious denominations. Open expressions of such views by clergy or church members often led to voluntary or involuntary separation from their established denomination.

However, the charismatic movement, commencing around the mid-20th century, signaled a reversal of this pattern. Those influenced by Pentecostal spirituality chose to retain membership in their original denominations. The first ripple of this new wave was felt within the high church wing of the American Episcopal Church.

Often dated to Easter 1960, the charismatic movement's beginnings can be traced to Dennis Bennett, rector of St. Mark's Episcopal Church in Van Nuys, California. His public recounting of his Pentecostal experience stirred both controversy and media attention, fostering broader awareness of this emerging movement.
The charismatic renewal soon expanded to other mainline churches, where clergy began to receive and publicly share their Pentecostal experiences. Meetings for seekers and healing services, where the sick were prayed for and anointed, became common practices. The Catholic Charismatic Renewal found its genesis in 1967 at Duquesne University in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania.
The term "charismatic" itself was crafted by American Lutheran minister Harald Bredesen in 1962 to describe the phenomenon unfolding within mainline Protestant denominations. Confronted with the label "neo-Pentecostal," he preferred to define it as "the charismatic renewal in the historic churches."
Interestingly, although Pentecostals shared many doctrinal affinities with evangelicals rather than Roman Catholics or mainline Protestants, the charismatic movement was slow to gain influence among evangelical churches. Scholar C. Peter Wagner identifies the spread of the charismatic movement within evangelicalism beginning around 1985, coining it as the "Third Wave of the Holy Spirit."
This transformational movement represents a rich tapestry of spiritual experiences and theological perspectives. Its history and influence continue to shape contemporary Christianity, bridging denominational divides and enriching the lives of believers across various traditions.

Crowd celebrating christian gathering and new years eveThe Charismatic Movement and EWCMI: A Messianic Perspective

The Charismatic Movement, as outlined, represents a significant transformation in Christian spirituality. Its emphasis on personal empowerment, divine encounters, and unification across denominations has had a profound impact on various faith traditions. Among these, Eagle Wings Charismatic Ministries International (EWCMI) stands as a testament to the intersection of charismatic renewal and Messianic Judaism.A Charismatic Messianic Ministry

EWCMI is rooted in the principles and practices of the Charismatic Movement, embracing the dynamic encounter with the Holy Spirit typified by speaking in tongues and other spiritual manifestations. However, it goes beyond traditional Charismatic beliefs by intertwining them with Messianic Judaism, creating a unique theological blend that respects and celebrates both Jewish and Christian heritage.

EWCMI: Embracing the Charismatic Experience

At EWCMI, the Charismatic experience is not merely a doctrinal stance but a lived spiritual reality. Congregants are encouraged to seek personal encounters with God, leading to empowerment for service, worship, and daily Christian living. The experience of the baptism with the Holy Spirit is central to this pursuit, fostering a vibrant and intimate relationship with God.

Bridging Christian and Jewish Roots

EWCMI's approach to Charismatic spirituality is enriched by a deep connection to the Jewish roots of the Christian faith. Celebrating Jewish feasts, observing Sabbath practices, and studying Hebrew Scriptures are integral to EWCMI's worship and teaching. This fusion enhances the understanding of Scripture, revealing insights that bridge the Old and New Testaments and create a more comprehensive view of God's plan for humanity.

Healing and Renewal Ministries

In line with the Charismatic Movement, EWCMI emphasizes healing and renewal, both spiritually and physically. Through prayer, anointing, and reliance on the power of the Holy Spirit, the ministry seeks to bring wholeness and restoration to those in need. The emphasis on prayer and anointing manifests the Charismatic belief in God's continual action and presence in the lives of believers.

Global Outreach and Unity

EWCMI is committed to spreading the gospel and creating a network of believers unified in the Charismatic Messianic faith. This global outreach is reflective of the Charismatic Movement's emphasis on transcending denominational boundaries and fostering a shared spiritual experience.


Eagle Wings Charismatic Ministries International represents a unique convergence of Charismatic renewal and Messianic Judaism. By embracing the empowerment and spiritual manifestations of the Charismatic Movement and intertwining them with the rich heritage of Jewish tradition, EWCMI offers a holistic and enriched faith experience. Its commitment to teaching, healing, global outreach, and unity positions it as a vibrant example of how the Charismatic Movement continues to shape and inspire contemporary Christian practice across diverse theological landscapes.


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