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Programming Saturday

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shabbat shalom
Saturday, Shabbath, Shabbos

It is the day of the Lord (Adonai) and we will be running fully automated.
A day loaded with praises of His Holy Name, A day of shouting Hallelujah and singing of Holy Spirit filled song.
Today we focus in our music style on Praise and Worship, Contemporary Christian Music and Messianic Music from all over the world.
Do you have any Praise and Worship, Messianic or CCM music that you want to share with us?
Send an email to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. and we will send you information on how to use our music dropbox.
As on each day some of our other styles are mixed through, who knows, maybe you hear something you've never heard before.

Music, all day, everyday.

Christiaan J. de Ruiter


    • 9  - 10{11) AM Sermonette - Short Message from some of the Greatest Teachers
    • 7  -  8 PM Theology - Teaching by Dr. J. Rodmann Williams
    • 10 - 12 PM Rock The Clock

Music Styles



26.5 M 5  - W  2
Shabbos 21 M 4  -  W 2
Judaic 21 M 4  -  W 2
Praise and Worship 15.5 M 3  -  W 4
Choir 10.4 M 2  -  W 4
Brass 5.2 M 1  -  W 4
Saturday Programming


15 M 5  - W  4
Praise and Worship 12 M 4  -  W 4
Spanish 6 M 2  -  W 4
Southern Gospel 6 M 2  -  W 4
Russian 6 M 2  -  W 4
Nigerian 6 M 2  -  W 4
Italian 6 M 2  -  W 4
Hindi Tamil 6 M 2  -  W 4
German 6 M 2  -  W 4
French 6 M 2  -  W 4
Dutch 6 M 2  -  W 4
Choir 6 M 2  -  W 4
Contemporary Christian Music 6 M 1  -  W 4
Youth 3 M 1  -  W 10
Brass 3 M 1  -  W 4

Theology Teachings

About Renewal Theology

Renewal Theology deals with all the basic doctrines of the Christian faith. The three volumes were written especially for persons involved in the Pentecostal and charismatic renewal. Now published as three volumes in one, with the subtitle of Systematic Theology from a Charismatic Perspective, the whole of Renewal Theology is readily available. There have been numerous printings of the three volumes as well as foreign translations. Renewal Theology is used as a textbook in several colleges and seminaries. It has also been helpful to many people in study groups and for private reading.

From Dr. Williams

Renewal Theology is in one sense an expression of revitalization. When I came into the renewal in 1965, "God is dead" language was abroad in the land. What happened in my case and that of many others was God's own answer: a powerful self-revelation. John Calvin had long ago declared about God that "the recognition of him consists more in living experience than in vain and high-flown speculation." Now that there was an enhancement of "living experience" in my life, there came about a fresh zeal for teaching theology in its many facets. As I said later in The Era of the Spirit, "A new dynamic has been unleashed that has vitalized various theological categories." Renewal Theology is an expression of theological revitalization.

 Finally, the concern of Renewal Theology in every area of study is truth. This is not an attempt to advance a particular cause but to understand in totality what the Christian faith proclaims. It is not only a matter of individual doctrines but also of the full round of Christian truth. With this in mind, it has been my prayerful desire that "the Spirit of truth" at every point will lead "into all the truth" (John 16:13).

About Dr. J. Rodman Williams

J. Rodman Williams, born on August 21, 1918, in Clyde, North Carolina, son of John Rodman and Odessa Medford Williams. He was a Phi Beta Kappa graduate of Davidson College in 1939, earned his B.D., and Th.M degrees, 1943-44, from Union Theological Seminary in Virginia, and was ordained in the Presbyterian  Church in 1943. 
He served during World War 2 in the Pacific as chaplain with the First Division of the Marine Corps, 1944-1946.  After the war, he earned a Ph.D. in philosophy of Religion and Ethics at Columbia University and Union Seminary. He became chaplain and professor of philosophy at Beloit College in Wisconsin 1949-1952, pastored the First Presbyterian Church of Rockford, Illinois 1952-1959, taught theology and philosophy of religion at Austin Presbyterian Seminary in Texas 1959-1972, and served as president and professor of theology at Melodyland School of Theology in Anaheim, California 1972-1982.  Beginning in the fall of 1982, he taught theology at Regent University School of Divinity in Virginia Beach, Virginia, and became Professor of Renewal Theology Emeritus there in 2002. 


London Philharmonic New Life Worship Devora Clark Deborah Strauss
Jeff Warschauer Salvation Army Jimmy Black Chris Tomlin
IHOP Phillip Stanley Klein Lamb Hillsong Music Australia
Maranatha Singers Paul Wilbur Hankus Netsky & Evan Harlan Chamber orchestra of Viena State Opera
Kurt Bjorling Steven Curtis Chapman Selah Youth for Christ
Michae'el Eliyahu Ben David English Chamber Orchestra Phillip Stanley Klein Sanctus Real
Rich Mullins Ted Pearce Sons of Korah Mark and Lori Carouthers
Sound Like Reign San Antonio Ensamble Matt Redman Continental Singers
Shane and Shane Michael W. Smith Twila Paris Antioch Church, Idler Alabama
And Many, Many More


Index of Artists

Index of Artists

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