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Moving to the Cloud

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Moving to the cloud

What is all the Hype about.

This posting is our accountability to you and an explanation of the reasoning behind it.
brain on chips

For most people it just does not say anything, we have embraced technology in such a matter that I dare to say the some people litteraly would die without technology.
Eagle Wings Charismatic Ministries International is a church and ministry highly dependend on technology too, and for us we would not be able to spread the news of a loving G_d and Savior on its current s
cale without technology.
This is however expansive and also frequently breaking down.Cloud plugin
Let me give you some examples.
We broadcast from our office to a large server on a so called server farm from where you in turn are reading this message on our webpage, or are listening to our radio station.
We update a little piece of software on that remote server, and it doesn't work correctly, result we are not reachable, we are down.
We update something on our office server, the same thing can happen.
As we are located in the countryside of the beautifule texas hill country, we are connecting over a microwave connection, bad weather, again we are down.
Thunderstorms, the power is out, we are down, etc, etc, etc,
I can go on and on, thus we needed to do something about it and planned 4 steps to do so.

DP Solutions Cloud reasons 620x330

  1. EWCMI has been spending after 9 years of faithful service, a lot of money to upgrade our local / office network, this task is almost completed.
  2. We have upgraded our software to stay with the times and to assure prevention of hacking and virusses. (the 2015 server hack is still fresh in our mind)
  3. The next step after all of this is to move our broadcast and web infrastructure to the cloud.
  4. in 2017 brother Michael, provided us with a nice little soundboard for the radio station, pastor build an audio/studio rack for the home studio which also can be packed up and taken on location, as a last step we need to upgrade this soundboard to be able to accomodate the new environment.
  5.  The move to the cloud was not an easy one to make as many questions where there on how to do this, but in the end as with everything stability and costs win as the answer is; "uuhhh, not sure"

If, no strike that. When we need to upgrade, we can just do so, more diskspace, yes, more bandwith, yes, bigger server, yes.

Within this week (November 11, 2018), we will have a couple of un announced downtimes, and a move to the cloud.
This means for you, a more stable broadcast, producer, dj, editor, and contributor access from all over the world and no need to be in the office.

All with all, a better way to server God, by serving you with Solid Messianic, Charismatic, Back to our Roots teachings and great music.

pst. Chris.

Pastor Chris

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