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14 October 2017
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When the David Crowder parted ways with the David Crowder Band and continued on the Solo path I thought this to be a great loss.Of course they where great together, but when you listen to this great s...
29 January 2018
Everything but the Kitchen Sink
Positive news for today
Joyce, on Family and Friends Today I like to share the following with you.A true word, and one to take heed.pst. Chris...
13 October 2017
The Prayer Warrior's Blog
Power in Prayer As we truly enjoy the prayer books from John Eckhart we will be sharing some parts from these with you on a sporadic base.We truly pray that these will be a blessing to you and that it...
06 March 2018
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Thursday International day, a day of wonder, new languages for many and styles and rhytms maybe never heart before.This is a great and uplifing song for today that I want to share with you.Enjoy...
24 November 2019
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Everything but the Kitchen Sink
Positive news for today
Wow, the Year is almost over, and that makes it surely time to write something about our partnership with Need Him.From the website; Need Him Global began in 1996 as a partnership between several evan...

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    Post  01 September 12, 2018 
The foundation Opwekking is an organization that provide help to Christian Organizations, churches and municipalities
They can call on the services of Opwekking Services at music events, conferences, seminars, national campaigns, conferences, etc.
And they deliver facility support in the field of logistics, technology, (visitor) registration, in close cooperation with the
organizer / initiator. catering, temporary accommodation etc. Together they will make the Christian event possible.
The foundation is a leader in the Dutch Praise and Worship scene, providing high quality music to please God almighty.
opwekking opwekkingsliederen 40 734
Album Information 
Title : 
Published : 

Style : 
Group / Artist : 
Opwekkings Liederen 40
May 12, 2016

Dutch Praise and Worship
Various Artists
 01  Wij Houden Ons Niet Langer Stil (783) (Live) 0:04:01 
 02 Laat Alles In Dit Huis Zijn (784) (Live)  0:05:20 
 03 Fundament (785) (Live)   0:04:44
 04 Met Hart En Handen (786) (Live)   0:05:30
 05 Man Van Smarten (787) (Live)   0:06:02
 06 Wees Welkom (788) (Live)   0:05:49
 07  Lopen Op Het Water (789) (Live)  0:07:49
 08 God Is Mijn Herder (790) (Live)  0:03:49 
 09  Almachtige (791) (Live)  0:05:44
 10  Een Eeuwig Halleluja (792) (Live)  0:05:25
 11 Een Fonkelnieuw Begin (793) (Live)   0:02:59
 12  No Longer Slaves (794) (Live)  0:05:30
13 Amen (Live) 0:04:32

The Revival Songs have become a household name in the Christian Netherlands through the years.
In the meantime, a large variety of songs has been collected which are sung in the Sunday meeting and during other activities in churches and churches.
For musicians and singers, the songs are published in music books; in addition, CDs are available.
Under the name OPS Pro, the texts of all Revival Songs on CD-ROM are available for use in the municipality. Every year at Pentecost a series of new Revival songs is released, consisting of new Dutch songs and translated songs that are sung all over the world.
In this way we want to remain open to new and creative ways to worship God. During the annual Song Festival the songs are recorded with an enthusiastic audience.
The recordings are sung live during a number of worship concerts conducted by Elisa Krijgsman, Marcel and Lydia Zimmer and Reyer van Drongelen.
Album Information
Title :
Published : 
Style : 
Group / Artist : 
Opwekkingsliederen 42
May 18, 2018
Dutch Praise and Worship
Various artists
 01 Ik leef in U (808) (Live)  0:05:15
 02  Hoogste God (816) (Live) 0:04:40
 03  Glorieus (814) (Live) 0:05:21
 04 Wij hebben U lief (817) (Live)  0:06:56 
 05  What a beautiful name (812) (Live) 0:07:11 
 06  Vul dit huis met uw glorie (815) (Live) 0:05:37 
 07  Niemand anders (819) (Live) 0:05:10
 08  Witter dan sneeuw (811) (Live) 0:03:25
 09  Op die dag (818) (Live) 0:05:15 
 10  Dit is Jezus (809) (Live) 0:03:47
 11  Uw liefde wint elke strijd (813) (Live)  0:03:54
 12  Smaak van redding (810) (Live)  0:04:28
13 Zoekt Eerst Het Koninkrijk Van God (40) / 'K Stel Mijn Vertrouwen (42) 0:04:31

SCM: Inspired Living - Contagious Faith
The SCM Foundation Christian Media is a non-profit church foundation private law based in Witten.
It was founded on 16 June 2000 with the aim of promoting Christian publishing, media and public relations.
It sees itself as a "house with many rooms", which is open to all publishing organizations that work on the basis of the German Evangelical Alliance.
The basis of our work is the Christian faith and its basic values.
With this we want to provide good, positive inspiration for everyday life and help to make faith in our society radiating, active and effective.
We have a wide range of multimedia formats available: very classic: our books rhythmic and powerful.
Album Information 
Title :
Published : 

Style : 
Group / Artist : 
Feiert jesus! 14
German Worship
Various Artists
 01 Komm, Herr, komm  0:06:11 
 02 Lobe den Herrn, meine Seele  0:05:20 
 03  Herr, unser Gott 0:04:19
 04 Halleluja (Agnus Dei)  0:06:34
 05  Deine Herrlichkeit 0:05:38
 06  So groß ist der Herr 0:05:02
 07  Du bist würdig 0:05:40
 08 Wir schaun auf dich  0:04:04
 09  Wohin sonst 0:04:37
 10  Mit aller Kraft 0:05:33
 11  Darum jubel ich dir zu 0:03:21
 12  Herr der ganzen Schöpfung 0:04:08
13 Gott trocknet deine Tränen 0:04:55

"On the trail of life", under this motto I put my work. Concerts, church services, presentations, seminars, CDs, books, travel and much more - boring is rare.
My wife Ingrid (art therapist) and I have two grown children and three granddaughters.
Ingrid and I are working together in the monastery Triefenstein am Main (Lower Franconia).
Here we support the work of the Christ-carrier brotherhood.>In addition to working in Triefenstein I'm traveling to events - especially in German-speaking Europe, but also to South Africa,
Namibia, Afghanistan, Paraguay, Spain and Romania, I was invited.
My songs have appeared on more than 20 CDs and have been printed in many songbooks.
I have also published a number of books. And again and again I invite interested people to travel with me and to get to know Israel, for example.
Album Information
Published : 
Style : 
Group / Artist : 
was zählt
German CCM / Rock
Christoph Zehendner
 01  Was zählt  0:03:52
 02  Alles auf eine Karte  0:04:19
 03 Tapferer Bruder   0:04:07
 04  Wenn wir ganz in Gott eintauchen  0:05:56
 05  Deine Schoenheit  0:04:29
 06 Jetzt Aber   0:03:23
 07  Letzte Frage  0:04:47
 08  Leise  0:04:11
 09 Gott Stoert 0:03:56
 10 Vater Abraham  0:03:51
 11 Nethanja  0:04:30
 12 Nicht Weit  0:06:10
13 Unser Vater 0:04:35

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