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Fisher of ..... Fish??

I'm Hooked (Fisher of....)

OK, pun intended.

Before Covid I've purchased through Amazon Smile (so that we can get a little back :) ) a fly fishing kit from Wild Water.

Didn't go fishing as I thought it to be boring, looking at a bobber. Went Fishing in December, caught a small fish that just jumped up at the fly, and became hooked (pun intended). Now I've purchased a second rod to go sea fishing at the shore and bay of Mustang Island, cannot wait till June for this vacation. 

The interesting part of this kind of fishing is that you need to know what you are going after, for Trout Fishing on the Frio, we look around and under the stones, what kind of bugs are there, and what is the trout feeding from. Is there something in my fly box that resembles this, yes!!!! let's tie this to the tippet and give it a good effort. If or when this does not work, what other critters are there that they feed on?

signal 2022 12 10 165555 002Working this way I was able to change fishing into catching during my birthday week in January and catch 24 Trout in one afternoon, how much fun this was.
Having learned this important lesson, why are we as Christians and Pastors so set in our way, and why are we set in one music style or one specific translation or the other?

Jesus told us to be fishers of men, yes fishers it is not always successful to go fish if it would be easy he would have said, be catchers of men. 

A great way for all you fishers of men to relax, and enjoy the outdoors, also a great company that I wholeheartedly endorse for their fly fishing equipment, they have made the sport of Fly Fishing accessible and inside of our budget. Go relax for a while and try it out.
My belief is, that the peace it gives and the lessons we learn, will help us to be better fishers of men too.

Pst. Chris.

ps As I didn't ask first lady for permission to post this picture I blurred her out a little. (maybe also a little a pitty action as she was the only one that day to catch something ;) )

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