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Radio Graphics

Have you seen it the new Radio Graphics.

How cool is this, but is that Gram-ma pooch, hmmm, don't think so :)

There is also a full screen version.

Thank you for putting all the work for these great new graphics.
I can see the older page on the right monitor, and the Libretime console on the middle monitor, really cool.



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EWCMIRadio updated

It is done, ewcmi (EagleWings) Online Radio has been successfully updated to Libretime 3.0.2 with only a 10 second impact to the listening stream.

Thank you for such a great Job Libretime developers.


Pst. Chris.

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Fisher of ..... Fish??

I'm Hooked (Fisher of....)

OK, pun intended.

Before Covid I've purchased through Amazon Smile (so that we can get a little back :) ) a fly fishing kit from Wild Water.

Didn't go fishing as I thought it to be boring, looking at a bobber. Went Fishing in December, caught a small fish that just jumped up at the fly, and became hooked (pun intended). Now I've purchased a second rod to go sea fishing at the shore and bay of Mustang Island, cannot wait till June for this vacation. 

The interesting part of this kind of fishing is that you need to know what you are going after, for Trout Fishing on the Frio, we look around and under the stones, what kind of bugs are there, and what is the trout feeding from. Is there something in my fly box that resembles this, yes!!!! let's tie this to the tippet and give it a good effort. If or when this does not work, what other critters are there that they feed on?

Working this way I was able to change fishing into catching during my birthday week in January and catch 24 Trout in one afternoon, how much fun this was.
Having learned this important lesson, why are we as Christians and Pastors so set in our way, and why are we set in one music style or one specific translation or the other?

Jesus told us to be fishers of men, yes fishers it is not always successful to go fish if it would be easy he would have said, be catchers of men. 

A great way for all you fishers of men to relax, and enjoy the outdoors, also a great company that I wholeheartedly endorse for their fly fishing equipment, they have made the sport of Fly Fishing accessible and inside of our budget. Go relax for a while and try it out.
My belief is, that the peace it gives and the lessons we learn, will help us to be better fishers of men too.

Pst. Chris.

ps As I didn't ask first lady for permission to post this picture I blurred her out a little. (maybe also a little a pitty action as she was the only one that day to catch something ;) )

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SSL (Secure Socket Layer)

SSL a Technical term for a safe and verified connection over the internet.

On November 11, 2022 we encountered an unfortunate oversite that EagleWings Online Radio's SSL certificate was expired.

We are happy to say that is is as of today rectified.
Everything is now up to standards again until November 11 2023.
Thanks for being a fan and faithful listener.
Pst. Chris.

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Sergio and Rhoda in Israel

Sergio and Rhoda

We have been watching Sergio and Rhoda in Israel.

You've been watching what, where, and when??

We have been watching the YouTube channel of Sergio and Rhoda, two very likable young people who follow Yeshua and who live in Israel.

They go to inspirational, interesting, likable, and just great places in Isreal. During the Videos, they show us where Yeshua (Jesus) walked, and where the disciples panicked (the Sea of Galilee) :) and so much more.

The stories they tell are understandable and the videography is very good.

Here is the story on the waves at the sea of Galilee I just mentioned.


A great job, well done !!

Pst. Chris


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New Song by Wanyinna "Tell the People"

Tell The People

Just loaded into our Sunday rotation the hymn style song "Tell the People" by Wanyinna from her debut album "My Resting Place".
This song stands out due to its honesty and simplicity.
No over orchestration, no massive vocal corrections, a lean accompaniment, and clean vocals make this a song you love to hear on your Sunday morning trip to church.
This song brings you straight into the right mental attitude for worship.

God Bless you Wanyinna.

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They did it AGAIN !!!!!

Christafari is shining again in worship and creativity during this horrible Covid19 shutdown, In all you do! Praise the Lord!
A great Video of the Aaronic Blessing, including artists and friends from all over the world.
It does our Messianic heart good to also see included our friend Joshua Aaron. :)

OK, no more chatter, let's listen to and watch this wonderful Song.

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So Will I

100 billion reasons

100 billion reasons to trust God, follow Yeshua the Messiah, surrender your life.
WOW !!!!
I've seen many, many music videos, but this one, this one is top, how wonderfully made, what a beauty, what a great integration with the lyrics.
Christafari, Avion,
Congratulations, this is really great.

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Staying inside with dry skin

When the AC is doing its work to well, and you feel like your skin is sand paper.

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Funnies from the Sheep Laughs Comedy Show

Yes, we are no longer on facebook.

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New Kids and Teens Program

Your Story Hour

I'm very happy to announce that we are talking to and have agreed to program "Your Story Hour".
A wonderful ministry that provides a kids/teen program full of Bible Adventures.

From the Website ;

Your Story Hour produces family-friendly radio dramas based on the Bible, historical heroes, and true-to-life adventures. Our stories--brought to life by talented voice actors, descriptive sound effects and compelling music--teach Biblical values, positive character traits and principles for good decision-making.

Website : Your Story Hour

Pst. Chris

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Need Him

Wow, the Year is almost over, and that makes it surely time to write something about our partnership with Need Him.
From the website;

Need Him Global began in 1996 as a partnership between several evangelical organizations to create a safe place for people to talk about what it means to know Jesus Christ. These organizations included Billy Graham Evangelistic Association, Campus Crusade for Christ, Moody Broadcasting, Ron Hutchcraft Ministries, and Luis Palau Evangelical Association.

From day one our goal has been to use media and technology to communicate the Gospel and encourage conversation about what it means to have a personal relationship with Jesus Christ. The ministry now uses a diverse set of advertising and social media tools to to reach as many as possible. Through online chat, text messaging and phone calls we have real authentic conversations with thousands of people each day about how a relationship with Jesus changes everything.

Need Him provides Eagle Wings Charismatic Ministries International and with that Eagle Wings Online Radio with high quality Jingles and through those contact information for people with questions concerning faith, or even those in spiritual crisis.
First Lady Wilma provides us each month with a selection of new Jingles offered by Need Him, which are then in turn taken into rotation.
Knowing how much spiritual need there is in the world, this partnership is a great and welcome addition to the ministry of EWCMI.

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New Years Jingle

As we are going to be remote for a number of days, lots of work needs to be done on forehand.
Many checks and balances need to be completed and support teams need to be chased down.

Eagle Wings Online Radio can be heard again on the Echo Show (thanks Amazon)
A New Years jingle has been created and is available for your preview (enjoy)

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Political incorrectness in the Church

I can say it real clear and loud, ThanksGiving is going to be next!

And we as the church keep on giving in to political correctness and in many situations water down G_d's word more and more.
When in 1963 and after. In two landmark decisions, Engel v. Vitale (1962) and Abington School District v. Schempp (1963), (read) the Supreme Court established what is now the current prohibition on state-sponsored prayer in US schools.
All this h-ll was started.

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Relaxing After the Vacation

​Vacation time is over for most of us, however there is no reason to not just relax for a moment more. For that we have collected for you three great videos. Ana Avda which brings a smile on your face. Potato bombs for the Barbeque (or BBQ)  And It is well for your solemn contemplation. Ana Avda (I'm a servant of G-d) A fun video which ma...

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© by all the respective owners.

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Blog posting fixed

For the last 1.5 years, we did not have the ability to update our blogging software as this became out of sync with the websites core software.

I'm happy to announce that we are now able to display and create new blogs again.

Pst. Chris.

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System Enhancements

System Enhancements are continuing, and the websites are not just having a great new template but are also prepared for Multi Language support.

More to come.


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Joyce Meyer on Family and Friends

Joyce, on Family and Friends

Today I like to share the following with you.
A true word, and one to take heed.
pst. Chris


© by all the respective owners.

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Music / Audio file uploads

The Upload is working again.

It is great news, after missing the ability to upload audio files for scheduling and rotation,we now have once again the ability to do so.
Musicians, Ministers, Ministries, and other friends of the Radio Ministry are now once again able to upload their music and messages through the front end of the website.
All this in a much easier way too.

How to do it

Log in to the site.

Click on Top Panel and fill out your credentials

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Positive Through Christ

With all of the negative news latley like the Las Vegas shooting and the most recent , a shooting in a church on a Sunday morning.
God's word says in 1 Chronicles 16:22 and also in Psalm 105:15 " Do not touch my annointed ones, don't harm my prophets!"
How can God allow such tragedies to take place?
As God destroyed the earth in the Great flood,
He said in Genesis 8:21: "The Lord smelled the pleasing scent, and the Lord thought to himself, I will not curse the fertile land anymore because of human beings since the ideas of the human mind are evil from their youth. I will never again destroy every living thing as I have done."

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