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14 October 2017
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29 January 2018
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06 March 2018
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Thursday International day, a day of wonder, new languages for many and styles and rhytms maybe never heart before.This is a great and uplifing song for today that I want to share with you.Enjoy...
24 November 2019
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Everything but the Kitchen Sink
Positive news for today
Wow, the Year is almost over, and that makes it surely time to write something about our partnership with Need Him.From the website; Need Him Global began in 1996 as a partnership between several evan...

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Artist Page (Sounds Like Reign)

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New Artist Highlight

Sounds Like Reign

We are very pleased to anounce that "Sounds Like Reign" is now available to listen to on EWCMI Online Radio's weekend programming.

From the first time I heard the music from Sounds Like Reign I was captured into the music and vocals, great arrangements and very familiar music from husband, recording technician and instrumentalist
Brackin Kirkland, with the vocals of his beloved wife Lindsay, vocals that bring an attention to purity and natural cleanliness, what a great combination.
This wonderful couple shows without ever having met them in person how the Holy Spirit (Ruach Ha'Kodesh) transfers accross the different media platforms and styles.
The anointing upon their lives and music is very evident and just transfers from their Godly gift of music to us through and with the notes of the songs they bring.
Ps. Chris.

From the Sounds Like Reign website

If you cannot wait to hear them on EWCMI Online Radio click on the link of the website or one of the pictures.
Brackin Kirkland is a multi-instrumentalist, composer and sound engineer who is compelled to draw others to Christ through personal story-telling and biblical narratives set to captivating music.
Lindsay - beautiful wife and wonderful mother - has an angelic voice and brings a simple, grounded aesthetic to the music.

​The music of Sounds Like Reign can be described as a "sonic exploration of faith in God" featuring sweeping soundscapes and passionate lyrics.
This original music has been composed to inspire the wandering mind to focus on our Creator and walk in the light of His son Jesus. ​
Please consider joining us in this endeavor by making a donation on the Sounds Like Reign website.

Thank you Brackin and Lindsay ro sharing your ministry through EWCMI Online Radio.
 Album  Living Room Sessions
Artist  Sounds Like Reign
Nr.TitleDurationAlbum Art
01 Wayfaring Stranger 0:04:29  Sounds Like Reign Living Room Sessions 
02 To The River 0:03:34
03 What Wondrous Love 0:04:31
04 Angel Band 0:04:35
05 Be Thou My Vision 0:03:49
06 I Must Tell Jesus 0:04:44
 07  How Deep the Father's Love  0:03:02

 Album  Joy Comes in the Mourning
Artist  Sounds Like Reign
Nr.TitleDurationAlbum Art
 01  Overjoyed  0:04:39        Sounds Like Reign Joy Comes in the Mourning.jpg
 02  The Shield  0:05:30
 03  Let It Rain  0:05:03
 04  Golden Shore  0:05:30
 05  Peace Be Still  0:05:34
 06  The Space Between  0:05:11
 07  Lay Me Down  0:04:35
 08  Song For The Trees  0:05:03
 09  Brighter Days  0:04:43
 10  My Home  0:05:16
 11  Don't Give Up  0:05:01
 12  He Is Risen  0:05:05

 Album  Her Heart Sings
Artist  Sounds Like Reign
Year  2017/09/19
Nr.TitleDurationAlbum Art
 01  His Eye Is on the Sparrow  0:04:30   Sounds Like Reign Her Heart Sings Live
 02  God Leads Us Along   0:03:49
 03  It Is Well  0:03:21
 04  Resting Place  0:03:22
 05  Shadow Of Your Wings  0:02:39
 06  Lamb Of God  0:03:04
 07  Give Me Jesus  0:02:58

Pastor Chris

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