Library: How To Pray
Title:      How To Pray
BookID:      30-G-02
Authors:      TORREY R A
ISBN-10(13):      0883681331
Publisher:      Whitaker House
Edition:      1St Edition
Number of pages:      112
Language:      English
Price:      USD 1,90
Rating:      0 
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Your prayer life can be what God intends it to be! Because prayer is so vital to our faith, it is essential that we comprehend God's methods of hearing and answering prayer. R. A. Torrey shares spiritual guidelines to prayer in this powerful and dynamic book. His message is thorough and complete, including: prayer and obedience, praying in the Spirit, praying according to God's will, abiding in Christ, prayer with thanksgiving, hindrances to prayer, when to pray, prayer and revival, plus much more! The lessons presented here and lovingly explained will permanently alter your prayer life.
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