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1st Lady Wilma

1st Lady Wilma

Wilma J. de Ruiter (producer)

1st Lady Wilma is the person behind the knobs and the producer of the
Thursday Evening Bible Study and the Friday Evening Service.
She makes sure that everything is running on time, the phone calls are coming through clearly and Pastor is not going of topic to much. Laughing
Married to Pastor Chris and now a grandmother of 23 grandkids and counting (sounds like a tv show)
A true prayer warrior for the Lord and a wonderful Proverbs 31 woman.


Eagle Wings Charismatic Ministries International strives to be a safe haven of Messianic / Christian Information. A conservative Bible based back to our roots organisation, with the primary focus on teaching the body of believers, providing the politically incorrect truth so many times hidden and distorted by an abounding number of denominations.

Christiaan J. de Ruiter


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