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Hebrew Name : Behar English Name : On the mountain
Week Nr. : 32
Torah Haftarah Brit Chadashah
 Lev. 25:1-26:2 Jeremiah 32:6-27  Lk. 4:16-21
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Torah Reading 

Leviticus 25 : 1 – 26 : 2

Shabbat Year and Jubilee

25 Then Adonai said to Moses on Mount Sinai, “Speak to Bnei-Yisrael and tell them: When you come into the land which I give you, then the land is to keep a Shabbat to AdonaiFor six years you may sow your field and for six years you may prune your vineyard and gather in its fruits. But in the seventh year there is to be a Shabbat rest for the land—a Shabbat to Adonai. You are not to sow your field or prune your vineyard. You are not to reap what grows by itself during your harvest nor gather the grapes of your untended vine. It is to be a year of Shabbatrest for the land. Whatever the Shabbat of the land produces will be food for yourself, for your servant, for your maidservant, for your hired worker and for the outsider dwelling among you. Even for your livestock and for the animals that are in your land—all its increase will be enough food.

“You are to count off seven Shabbatot of years—seven times seven years, so that the time is seven Shabbatot of years—49 years. Then on the tenth day of the seventh month, on Yom Kippur, you are to sound a shofar blast—you are to sound the shofar all throughout your land. 10 You are to make the fiftieth year holy, and proclaim liberty throughout the land to all its inhabitants. It is to be a Jubilee to you, when each of you is to return to his own property and each of you is to return to his family.

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Haftarah Reading

Jeremiah 32 : 6 – 27

So Jeremiah said: “The word of Adonai came to me, saying: ‘Hanamel, son of Shallum your uncle, will soon come to you saying: ‘Buy for yourself my field in Anathoth, for the right of redemption is yours to buy it.’” So my uncle’s son Hanamel came to me in the court of the guard as was the word of Adonai, and said to me: “Buy my field, please, which is in Anathoth in the land of Benjamin; for the right of inheritance is yours and the redemption is yours; buy it for yourself.” Then I knew that this was the word of AdonaiSo I bought the field that was in Anathoth from the son of my uncle Hanamel, and weighed him the money—seventeen shekels of silver. 10 I signed and sealed the deed, called in witnesses, and weighed the money on the scales. 11 Then I took the purchase deed, both the sealed copy, containing the terms and conditions, and the open copy, 12 and I gave the purchase deed to Baruch son of Neriah son of Mahseiah, in the presence of my uncle’s son Hanamel and in the presence of the witnesses that subscribed the purchase deed, before all the Jews that sat in the court of the guard. 13 Then I charged Baruch before them, saying, 14 thus says Adonai-Tzva’ot, the God of Israel, “Take these deeds—this purchase deed, both the sealed copy and the open copy—and put them in a clay jar, so they may last many days.” 15 For thus says Adonai-Tzva’ot, the God of Israel: “Houses and fields and vineyards will yet again be bought in this land.”

messianic Brit Chadashah Reading

Luke 4 : 16 – 21

16 And He came to Natzeret, where He had been raised. As was His custom, He went into the synagogue on Shabbat, and He got up to read. 17 When the scroll of the prophet Isaiah was handed to Him, He unrolled the scroll and found the place where it was written,

18 “The Ruach Adonai is on me,
because He has anointed me
    to proclaim Good News to the poor.
He has sent me[a] to proclaim release to the captives
and recovery of sight to the blind,
to set free the oppressed,
19 and to proclaim the year of Adonai’s favor.”[b]

20 He closed the scroll, gave it back to the attendant, and sat down. All eyes in the synagogue were focused on Him. 21 Then He began to tell them, “Today this Scripture has been fulfilled in your ears.”


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Political incorrectness in the Church

PCsignI can say it real clear and loud, ThanksGiving is going to be next!

And we as the church keep on giving in to political correctness and in many situations water down G_d's word more and more.
When in 1963 and after. In two landmark decisions, Engel v. Vitale (1962) and Abington School District v. Schempp (1963), (read) the Supreme Court established what is now the current prohibition on state-sponsored prayer in US schools.
All this h-ll was started.
Over the centuries the Anti G_d and Yeshua/Jesus forces of the underworld have tried to break down the church by inserting many pagan rituals in all kind of celebrations. 
Over the last couple of centuries people didn't understand this and didn't know about it and Christianized (if that is a word) some of the celebrations and with that our own religious celebrations where born with a new meaning, instead of a demonic wican meaning. Church 1 Satan 0.

Thus a new attack was started and satan started to impart other ideas in those who do not believe and the political correctness and post secular modernism was born (on that I wrote some other articles that can be found on our site)
Political correctness made the church out to be racist, homophobic, backwards, or any other phobic something that you can come up with.
The event that we commonly call the "First Thanksgiving" (read) was celebrated by the Pilgrims after their first harvest in the New World in October 1621 after persecution in the old world and a harsh winter days. This feast lasted three days, and—as accounted by attendee Edward Winslow—it was attended by 90 Native Americans and 53 Pilgrims. And thanks was given to G_d, for survival and a chance in the new world.
Thus the PC crowd will now say, "how can you celebrate this as the Indians (Native Americans) where killed for years and years" and how can you include God into this.
Aha, God was taken out of Thankgiving already a long time ago, unless of course you go to stores like Hobby Lobby who holds on firmly to their believe in God.

It is becomming so bad that I really needed to laugh and cry at the same time when I was reading an article of a school of journalism stating that the faculty should not be using all capitalized letters as this could frighten or make the students very uncomfortable.(read)PCcartoon
Thus surely but slowly the new attack of satan is truly becomming successful, our younger generations are cuddled to death and our young men are feminized with all the spoon fed Political correctness.
The Attack on Christmas ofcourse is also still going on with X-Mas instead of Christmas.
It is now going so far that the atack is coming from inside the church.
good / well meaning brothers and sisters claiming the old and often forgotten original meaning of some of our celebrations, the Christmas Tree, Lights, Wassail, Bishop's Wine, etc. etc.
For us, my dear friends, the green of the tree resembles the new live in Christ which is always new.
The lights is the light of the world (Yeshua/Jesus Christ) which shines in this dark world and will always be victorious over this darkness.

Come on now people, Stick to the truth and do not let the worlds PC control your mind.
Stick that PC stuff/poo poo where it belongs and flush it.
The rainbow is still the promise of God that the world will never again be flooded.
Being gay still means being happy and joyous to me (read) and a hoe is still a tool used in the garden.
Celebrate halloween by organizing a harvest fest, do kids want to dress up, cool, just make sure that satan is not celebrated.
Do you want to celebrate Sinterklaas, yes ok, zwarte piet was / is black, Sinterklaas was/is white.
Zwarte piet works for sinterklaas, what about a butler, or a gentlemen's gentlemen, what is wrong with servitude, you are working in servitude too, as soon as you get a paycheck. 
Light up that Christmas tree and let the light shine in the world, sit by the tree and read about the birth of the Son of G_d.
Eat that turkey and give thanks to G_d.
Celebrate Chanukkah and know that the Yeshua is our Shamash the Servant (candle). (and yes it is NOT the Babylonian God) (read) (read
And we can go on, and on, and on.

Pst Chris
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